Donation of training literature to Cheshire LSAR

With the purchase of 45x copies of the 2nd Edition Casualty Care in Mountain Rescue handbooks by the team, (with thanks to Marshalls Limited) we donated today 34x copies of our 1st Edition Handbooks, which are now surplus to the teams requirements, to our colleagues in Cheshire Lowland Search and Rescue Team for their use amongst their membership.

This is the second free donation the team has made to Cheshire, the first being our surplus to requirements Control Trailer last year when we received into service our brand new Control Trailer.

The team is happy to support our colleagues elsewhere in UK Search and Rescue whenevr we can, having previously freely donated our ’blue uniform’ Buffalo Jackets and Sprayway Mountain Jackets to Cornwall Team, when they formed as the latest MR to establish, and our Renault Ambulance/Personnel Carrier to Hampshire SAR within ALSAR.