Commencement of Casualty Care Course

Due to a large number of newer team members not being in pocession of the recognised MR EW Casualty Care Certificate, due to having joined the team since our last Casualty Care Course, ( which the team holds every three years for its entire membership at that time ) the team this weekend commenced an intensive Friday night to Sunday early evening inclusive, Casualty Care course, with additional weekly sessions planned over the next few weeks.

Instruction came from our own Alistair Greenough, a very experienced A&E Nurse, NWAS (Manchester Locality) Emergency Ambulance Technician Hazel Kennedy ( a member of our Support Group ), NWAS ( Manchester Locality ) Student Paramedic Iain Peel ( a Call Out list member ), Jim Wareing, an ex team member and retired Emergency Ambulanceman of considerable years experience, with new team member Laura Millichamp a Pharmacist by profession, lending her knowledge regards the drugs in use by the team.

Much use was made this weekend by team members of their newly issued and frequently commented upon ( with regards to its excellence ) ’ 2nd Edition Casualty Care in Mountain Rescue ’ books, kindly donated by Marshalls Limited.
Alongside this team members also utilised the ’ Teaching Media for Mountain Rescue Casualty Care Student Notes ’ handbook also recently purchased by the team for all its members, again with much very favourable comment about the content and helpfulness of this excellent publication.

This last publication is produced by our colleagues in the North East of England regional Mountain Rescue body, that is NESRA ( North East Search and Rescue Association ) and more specifically their Medical Sub Committee, and was used alongside the complementary CD and Training notes that the team also purchased from NESRA. ( again very favourably commented upon, particularly the content, graphics and illustrative video clips of actual trauma injuries )

Fingers crossed all the students on this Casualty Care in Mountain Rescue Course will continue the teams previously unbroken 100% end of course examination pass rate, and once more bring the team back to the situation ( which existed as recently as February 2005 ) when the entire Call Out List membership were all in possession of a current Casualty Care Course in Mountain Rescue Certificate.
Immediately prior to commencing the course, all the members attending had to complete a Basic Life Support / CPR course and practical examination, also attended by some of our Support Group members. We are happy to report all taking part successfully passed.