Donation from Greater Manchester Police

For a great many years now Greater Manchester Police has kindly supported our team by meeting our Team Vehicle and SARDA Dog Handlers Vehicle fuel costs whilst engaged on search operations for Greater Manchester Police. They have also kindly met our catering expenses on a cost for cost basis accrued on search opeartions and also funded replacement disposable head torch and search lamp batteries if the search operation took place in darkness.

Such generosity has always been welcomed (and publicized as such whenever we give lectures to the public, etc.,) particualrly against the freely provided support we give to Greater Manchester Police on search operations by way of our personnel, resources and experience.

With increasing budgetary limitations on GMP this long standing support and agreement has come to an end, to be replaced by a one off yearly donation to our team and to the Rossendale and Pendle MRT and Oldham MRT who also operate on behalf of GMP.

We are grateful today for the receipt from GMP of the first donation in the amount of £1,500.00, hopefully GMP will maintain such support, inflation linked, through future years.