Donation from Chorley

We have previously reported that on the evening of Saturday July 29th 2006, Chorley and District Young Farmers held a Charity Hog Roast, the proceedings of which would go to the team, as we had been chosen as their Charity of the Year.
As in all previous years, the evening was held at the farm and home of the Fitton family, Moss Hall Farm, Lostock, Bolton, and was attended by some team members and team vehicles.

Team members & Chorley & District Young Farmers

This evening representatives from the team were invited to the meeting of Chorley and District Young Farmers, (which represents farming interests in Bolton and Chorley) to receive a donation. Arriving at their St Josephs School Rooms/St Josephs Church, Adlington evening meeting venue, team members Mark Scott, Tony Berry, Steve Williamson, Team Leader Garry Rhodes and team founder member, Vice President and still active call out list member Alan James met up initially with Rachel Fitton, Programme Secretary and organiser of the Hog Roast, her brother and the hosts of the Hog Roast, Rachels Mother and Father. (and in one of those coincidences it turns out Rachels Mother knew Alan James via a mutual friend back in the very early days of the team !)

The team was met by over twenty members of Chorley and District Young Farmers, and in a short formal presentation, our Team Leader Garry Rhodes received from Chorley and District Young Farmers Chairperson Natalie Mollart a truely staggering donation of £3,620.00. (the most incidentally that has ever been raised by Chorley and District Young Farmers at their Annual Charity Hog Roasts.)

Natalie presents Garry with the amazing cheque

Garry in turn presented Natalie with a Plaque of Thanks featuring the teams badge, who accepted it on behalf of Chorley and District Young Farmers.

Garry presents Natalie with the plaque

The team is extremely grateful to everyone at Chorley and District Young Farmers for considering and then adopting the team as its chosen Charity for this year, we are also grateful to all who supported the Hog Roast event, and we are of course especially grateful to Rachel Fitton, her brothers, and mother and Father for hosting the vent at their Moss Hall Farm family home.

Team members prepare a willing volunteer for evacuation