Appreciation of thanks to Campcraft Ltd, Bolton.

Campcraft Ltd of Newport St, Bolton, the outdoor equipment specialist, has been a big supporter of the Team for many years now.

Campcraft Ltd has also operated a very generous discount arrangement scheme for our active membership, which has been much appreciated since it started.

Campcraft Lt have also maintained collection boxes for the Team at their extensive Newport St shop and has acted as a focal point for information about the Team for many years.

In order to recgonise the steadfast suppport of Campcraft Ltd, today three Team members, Chris Greenhalgh, Mike Marsh & Mark Scott jouryned to the Bolton Town Centre premises of Campcraft and presented to the owner of Campcraft, Alistair Biggs, a plaque of appreciation from the Team.

Posing for a quick photo oppurtunity outside the Campcraft shop on Newport Street, Bolton

Alistair himself is an ex Team member and is still very active in the outdoors and over the years has even employed many a Team member !!

We thank Campcraft Ltd for their considerable support of the Team.