Incident 126/2006

At 23:18 Hrs late this evening, NWAS (Manchester Locality) paged the Team for assistance at an incident in the Hawkshaw area of Bury. Responding to a 999 call an ambulance crew had arrived on scene to realise the casualty was in a field and the crew therefore requested the rescue team.

The 16 year old youth involved had apparently fractured his leg whilst walking across the dark fields with a group of friends. Three Team vehicles with 15 Team members responded to this incident, our first vehicle (and indeed the first members) arriving on scene at 23:50 Hrs.

Our Team Leader also contacted some Rossendale & Pendle MRT members he knew to be resident in the near by area and who might also assist our response, as such 2 RPMRT responded.

The youths injured leg was splinted by the ambulance crew and he was carried out of the field to the waiting ambulance (which was in the vicinity of St Marys Vicarage, Bolton Rd) on a Bell Mountain Rescue stretcher by members of our team and the two RPMRT members.

Team members & casualty arrive at the ambulance RVP

Thankfully it was a beautiful clear night, given the recent bad weather, this incident was closed at 00.45 Hrs in the early morning of Sunday