Incident 128/2006

NWAS (LL) called our Deputy Team Leader regarding assistance for a female walker with a suspected fractured ankle, within the Yarrow Valley Country Park.

Three Team vehicles were able to respond immediately from our base, due to a vehicle maintenance day. A full team call out message took place and other Team members responded. The companions of the casualty had contacted the local Rangers John & Mark and armed with their valuable local knowledge were able to give a very accurate location to the first arriving Team vehicle.

Team members assist the casualty onto the Bell Mountain Rescue stretcher

Armed with this location and together with the expert local knowledge of team member Andy Ryding, it was quickly established a Team vehicle could access the casualty site. The casualty was taken on a short 300m stretcher carry in the Bell Mountain Rescue stretcher to the waiting Landrover Ambulance, and then transported to the waiting NWAS Ambulance, for a journey to Blackburn Hospital.

Altogether 15 Team members were involved in this incident which lasted 1 hour and 54 minutes and once again showed the excellent working relationship between North West Ambulance Service (Lancashire Locality) and Bolton MRT.