Thanks from Ambulance Crew, Incident 126, Saturday 28th Oct 06

Via North West Ambulance Service ( Manchester Locality ) Assistant Operational Manager Ian Middleton, we received today a letter of thanks from the Ambulance crew who attended an incident in Hawkshaw, Bury, involving a teenager who had fractured his leg, which required the teams assistance.

The letter stated, “the crew would like to pass on their gratitude and thanks for your prompt response and professionalism on this incident. They are extremely grateful for your help in dealing with this patient on the day.” The letter went on to state, ” thanks to all your members for your continuing aid to NWAS.

The team is very proud of its special relationship with the North West Ambulance Service, in both the Manchester and Lancashire localities, all the Emergency Ambulance crews we assist are always friendly, helpful and very co operative, and this continues to be a strong point of our joint working, which always makes for smooth operations to jointly get casualties to hospital and appropriate medical care as soon as possible.