Incident 131/2006

At 23:54, whilst providing home-based standby cover for the Rossendale & Pendle MRT, most of whom were at their annual team dinner, our Team Leader was contacted direct by the Duty Deputy Leader of RPMRT, who requested the team’s immediate assistance with a casualty being dealt with by LAS in a remote access location in the Padiham area of Lancashire. The casualty who was camping had suffered an injury and the responding ambulance crew required MRT assistance to evacuate the man concerned. A full team pager call was sent at 00:03 on Sunday 26th November, to which 20 team members responded.

In the meantime, a small number of RPMRT members (including their previous Team Leader) assembled and responded to this incident in their team area. With at least 3 of our team Landrovers crewed and immediately ready to depart both our Ladybridge Hall and Bolton Central Fire Station bases, news came through from RPMRT that they would be able to deal with this incident and our team was fully stood down in a pager call at 00:28.

All responding members were back to their home locations by 00:40.