Incident 132/2006

Whilst the team was assembling for the all-day GMP search management exercise on the outskirts of the Horwich area, our Team Leader was contacted direct by Ambulance Control at Manchester, requesting the team’s attendance at a nearby road traffic accident. A member of a large group of cyclists belonging to the Lancashire Road Club, whilst enjoying a moorland road cycle ride, had come to grief on Sheep House Lane. Team members and vehicles at the exercise RVP in Lever Park immediately responded to the 09:45 call with our first vehicle arriving on scene alongside an NWAS Emergency Ambulance within minutes of the team receiving the call.

The scene of the accident site on Sheep House Lane, Rivington

Fortunately the cyclist involved was able to walk, with care, into the ambulance whilst team members and vehicles protected the scene on this sometimes dangerous stretch of moorland road.

The cyclist was taken to hospital accompanied by his stepson and as they lived locally the team agreed to transport their bikes to a team member’s house nearby where they could be collected at a later time.