Incident 155/2006

Mid morning the Team was paged by NWAS (ML) Paramedic Emergency Control, concerning a peak demand situation which was developing in the Greater Manchester Area.

NWAS requested the immediate services of the Team. At 10:16 Hrs a full pager call out was initiated and team members responded enabling an initial crewing of two team Land Rover Ambulances and the ultimate crewing of all four Land Rover Ambulances. 18 team members were involved in this day long intensive operation.

Throughout this busy day 22 emergency responses were made by the team in direct assistance of the NWAS (ML) Emergency Ambulance Service. The first call (Our Incident 134) was made at 11:48 Hrs with the last call (Our incident 155) being made at 21:44 Hrs, concluding at 22:21 Hrs.

During the course of the day 15 Code Red calls (the highest grade emergency) were answered, together with 4 Code Amber and 3 Code Green. Further details of the individual calls made can be found in the Incidents section of the website.

Throughout all calls the Team enjoyed its usual excellent relationship with all the staff at NWAS (ML) Belle Vue Paramedic Emergency Control.

Due to this peak demand situation resources from our colleagues at Oldham MRT and Rossendale & Pendle MRT were also called to assist NWAS (ML), as well as St John Ambulance Brigade resources.

(This day saw an unprecedented number of emergency calls made on the resources of NWAS (ML))