Incident 169/2006

In a parallel of the situation that faced NWAS (ML) on Tuesday 5th December, at lunchtime, Friday 8th December, NWAS (ML) were again in a peak demand situation that was rapidly over whelming their available emergency resources.

Our Team Leader was contacted during lunchtime to ascertain whether the Team could once more support NWAS (ML). At 13:41 Hrs a full Team Standby pager message was transmitted which developed into one Team Land Rover Ambulance being made available to NWAS (ML) from circa 14:10 Hrs.

Going into the early hours of Saturday 9th December, the Team, was ultimately able to deploy three Land Rover Ambulances, with 15 team members being involved in the 14 incidents attended, commencing with the first at 15:21 Hrs and the last in the early hours of Saturday 9th December.

4 Code Red, 6 Code Amber & 4 Code Green responses were made throughout the course of this intensive support operation once again to NWAS (ML) and of course to our local community.

Further details of these responses may be found on the Incidents section of our website.

As with our experiences on Tuesday 5th December the Team is grateful for the tremendous support and help received from the Staff at Paramedic Emergency Control, Belle Vue, NWAS (ML) and also the emergency road crews from NWAS (ML) we worked along side, throughout this operation.