Team purchases climbing helmets for all team members

The Team Council decided recently to consider purchasing climbing helmets for all the team call out list membership, to standardise on this vital piece of team equipment rather than relying on team members to supply their own as has happened to date, with all the variations that brings with it.

The cost involved was considerable, and so discussion on this possible purchase was centred around obtaining the funding which involved such a large cost implication. This is where team member Steve Nelson came to our rescue, with a donation that took the team completely by surprise.

Visual Verification held a charity evening on Thursday 30th November, (see #article#1480#seperate article#), and team member Steve Nelson nominated the team as his charity to receive part of the proceeds of this fundraising event. On Friday 8th December 2006 he handed over a cheque to astonished team members for £1,250.00 adding, “here’s something to put towards buying the team’s helmets.”

With this fantastic donation we then approached our friends at Campcraft, Bolton, where ex-team member and owner of the Newport Street outdoor equipment shop, Alister Biggs further came to our rescue, and offered to supply 50 Petzl Ecrin Roc, red coloured Climbing Helmets to the team at a very much appreciated and very favourable discounted purchase price.

All 50 helmets were delivered the very next morning, and are to be issued to all team members on Monday evening December 18th, adding to our already considerable issue of clothing and other items we issue to all team members, (see membership section in our website for the full current list of equipment issued).

The team is very grateful to Steve Nelson and Visual Verification for this truely fantastic donation, and to Alistair Biggs, Director of Campcraft Limited, Newport Street, Bolton, for so kindly agreeing to maximise the value of the £1,250.00 donation, by offering the helmet purchase at such an excellent discount.
We believe that in terms of the equipment we issue to all our call out list members, we are the most comprehensively personally equipped Mountain Rescue team in the UK, such is the value we place in our members who so freely give up their time to participate in the activities of the team.