End of year collection tin totals

We are extremly pleased to announce the end of year collection totals for all our collection boxes, out in our wider community, held by individuals, shops, offices, public houses, information centres, outdoor retail shops & other locations.

The grand total for 2006 is an astonishing £3,577.08 So many thanks to everybody who has put money into our collection boxes or kindly hosted a box at their premises.

Our collection boxes are now co-ordinated and managed by our Support Group and thanks are recorded here to all members of our fantastic Support Group, with extra special thanks to Support Group member Gillian Gregory who on behalf of the Team and the Support Group carries out all the administrative & co-ordination regarding our individual collection boxes.

And our resolution for next year………it’s to raise £4,000 income from our collection boxes.

Thanks once again to everybody for your support.