Christmas donation in memory of Rev. Michael Robinson

This morning our Team Leader received, in the post, a Christmas card bearing wishes for the Team from Miss Fiona Robinson, daughter of the Rev. Michael Robinson.

Enclosed with the card was a very kind and generous donation of £120, which Fiona explained in the card “..was to the memory of her dad, Michael Robinson, in place of sending Christmas cards to friends and colleagues this year…”

Fiona kindly went on to say in her card, to the team “…thankyou so much for everything you did in May this year, in the search for my dad…”

In total the Team has now received £3,562.22, all to the memory of the Rev Michael Robinson.

At this time of the year when everybodies thoughts are with family and their loved ones, all in the Team, yet again, express their own thoughts and condolences to all the family of the Rev. Michael Robinson and all those who knew Michael.