Donation from Altrincham Reformed Church

Today we received a large donation from Altrincham United Reformed Church as part of their Church Christmas donation for charitable purposes.

The Church as part of its Christmas Outreach designated collections from their Watchnight & Christmas Day Services, to be given as donations to nominated charities & organisations.

It came as a total surprise to the team to receive a kind letter this morning stating we were one of the nominated charities and as such we recieved a truly fantastic donation of £387.50.

The donation has been made by the Church to support the work of the Team, wherever we are called out to exercise our skills. The Church in its letter went on to say “..we are particularly thinking of the call you had in the earlier part of this year, in the search for the missing vicar of St. Peter’s Church…” (The Rev. Michael Robinson).

The team would like to extend enormous thanks to all the parishoners at Altrincham United Reformed Church for their very kind generosity and support of the team.

As this donation is linked and arises from our involvement in the search for the Rev. Michael Robinson, we have included this donation in the total monies donated to the team in the memory of the Rev. Michael Robinson. (Total amounts received now stands at £3,954.77)