Incident 12/2007

As part of NWAS (ML) pre arranged plan to cope with peak demand calls on this festive season night, the Team was mobilised to directly assist NWAS (ML) with ambulance calls throughout the evening, alongside members of the Oldham MRT, our colleagues in the St John Ambulance Brigade & Army Medics from Preston.

12 Team members mobilised to crew our control function, setup at our Ladybridge Hall base and 4 Team vehicles placed at the disposal of NWAS (ML).

BMRT members,GMP, NWAS & GMFRS at an RTA, one of tonights incidents.

Team members were available from 18:30 Hrs New Year’s Eve, with the first job of 2007 being tasked at 00:09 Hrs (Our Incident 1/2007). The last job came in at 05:27 Hrs (Our Incident 12/2007) on the morning of New Year’s Day.

BMRT Ambulance at a house call, during one of tonights incidents.

Following debrief, restocking of vehicles contents and a general tidy up Team members finally closed our base at 07:37 Hrs New Year’s Day morning.

In total 6 Code Amber, 4 Code Red & 2 Code Green calls were dealt with (Its probably stating the obvious to comment that some of the incidents were drink related)

Yet again we would like to place on record, our grateful thanks to all at NWAS PEC for their tremendous support and assistance during the evening. Similar thanks are extended to the NWAS RRV Crews & general Emergency Ambulance crews we worked alongside.

Finally, all members present on the night would like to extend their grateful thanks to Team Support Members Johanne Bentley & Carol Carey, who provided a variety of excellent cooked food throughout the evening, alongside a continual supply of hot drinks (Without such background support, the frontline operations of the Team would be much less effective.)