Incident 26/2007

Late this Sunday evening our Team Leader was directly contacted by NWAS (Lancashire Area) Accident and Emergency Control, for the team’s assistance with its specialist casualty lifting and evacuation equipment, to aid an Ambulance crew on scene at a care home in Skelmersdale, having great difficulty with the carriage of a female patient from the home to their waiting Ambulance, due to her weight and size.

At 22:45 a full team call out was made, with 12 team members attending this incident, arriving on scene to assist the emergency ambulance crew already present.

With many methods for her carriage to the ambulance discussed, she was eventually transferred to Wigan hospital in the early hours of the morning with one of our team members (who coincidentally is with NWAS(GMA)) accompanying her in the Ambulance, along with the NWAS crew.