Donation news

Today our Team Leader received, in the post, a very generous donation of £200 from the husband of the lady we came to the aid of on New Years Day morning, at Sale Water Park, see Incident 13/2007.

The gentleman writes in his letter ’…I did not even know the Team exsisted, still less it was called to lowland emergencies. At 30M above sealevel, Sale is more lowland than most…

Well Sale Water Park is tuning into a busy area for us with searches for missing people & spot pickup incidents, like this, growing in numbers here.

As we have heard from other sources, the lady whom we helped is on her way to recovery from her hip injury and the Team sends our wishes to her for a speedy recovery and hope she can continue to attend her yoga classes soon !!! Our thanks and appreciation from the Team to you both for this very kind and considerable donation.