Good news regards Search Dog Chi

Readers of our website will be familiar with the terrible accident that befell our search dog Chi at the end of June last year, resulting in Chi having one of his front legs almost completely severed.

In a groundbreaking unique operation, search dog Chi has spent the 7 months since with his leg splinted using an external fixation method (that’s a lot of metalwork around his foreleg to you and me).

So far everything has gone well with the continuing full recovery of search dog Chi and the growth of new bone which has let to the great news that today all the metalwork was taken of Chi’s leg.

Chi’s owner and handler, Dave Marsh, currently retired from the team, was pleased to report today that Chi although groggy from his operation to remove the metalwork is recovering well, and now in place of the metalwork is a super strength heavy duty support bandage.

This bandage will be on Chi’s leg for at least two further weeks at which time the continuing healing process should be fully successful and Chi will be free to once more run amok (whether an increasingly ageing Dave Marsh can do the same is another question!).

Good luck, Chi and of course your faithful companion Dave, in the full recovery back to excellent bounding health.