Purchase of new line rescue equipment funded by Chorley and District Young Farmers Club donation

On the 29th July last year, Chorley and District Young Farmers (consisting of young famers in the Chorley, Lostock and Bolton areas) held their annual charity hog roast at Chew Moor in the Lostock area of Bolton.

The charity hog roast, held at the Moss Hall Farm of the Fitton family (Rachael Fitton being our contact as such) raised a record donation of £3620 for the team, which was presented to the team at the Chorley and District Young Farmers evening of the 23rd October 2006 to astonished team members who did not know at that time the enormity of the donation being presented.

On Boxing day, the team bumped into Rachael Fitton and her mother Margaret whilst they were out dog walking with friends and we the team were out on our usual Rivington Boxing Day jaunt.

Rachael and Margaret enquired whether we had yet purchased anything against the monies and our Team Leader told them that we were looking at some new items to further improve our already comprehensive line rescue equipment.

We are pleased to announce tonight the purchase and receipt into team service of 3 casualty hauling systems, 9 Allp Tech descenders, and 3 Rockers, all to a combined purchase price of £1945.53 from Specialist Access And Rescue Products Limited, who kindly gave us a very generous discount arrangement on some items within this purchase.

The purchase of this equipment has been set against the donation from Chorley and District Young Farmers with huge thanks from the team to all at the club for their tremendous and very generous support of the team.

The casualty hauling systems are a form of line access/high access rescue pulley system, whilst the Pro Allp Tech descenders and Rockers are equipment specifically designed for techincal rope access and technical rescue personnel, the Pro Allp being a descending device whilst the Rocker is a multi-use technical backup system.

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