Purchase of new team overalls dedicated to the memory of Joe Geeling

On the evening of Wednesday 1st March 2006 the team was called out to a search incident in Bury where an 11 year old local boy, Joe Geeling, had disappeared. The team searched through that night and into the early hours of the following morning in freezing conditions to no avail, alongside other emergency services.

The following morning, Thursday 2nd March, the team returned to join other searchers in the continuing search for Joe Geeling. Unfortunately Joe’s body was found shortly afterwards and the case became subject to a criminal investigation involving the murder of Joe.

In August 2006 the team received an incredibly generous and very thoughtful, extremely kind £2000 donation from Tom and Gwen Geeling, Joe’s parents, and his immediate family, expressing their thanks for all the work that we did that night and in the morning.

The team has considered for a while purchasing an item of equipment that could be dedicated to the memory of young Joe Geeling.

For a while now the team has utilised overalls on some occasions whilst undertaking certain search operations in summer as a protective coverall and also for other search and rescue applications in the team. These garments had become long overdue for replacement and were beginning to look very tired and worn (not the image we wish to portray as a professional organisation).

We decided therefore to purchase brand new overalls and after a selection process decided upon a red overall design, similar in cut, style and material to that worn by emergency ambulance personnel. The garments with high conspicuity striping on the arms and legs have the team badge displayed on the front and reflective panels notated “RESCUE” on the front and rear of the garment.

The team has purchased 51 sets of these garments utilising the very kind donation from Joe’s parents and immediate family and has dedicated the purchase of these garments to the memory of young Joe.

This evening the first of the garments was handed out to our team members giving us a very smart appearance when used in appropriate situations.

Our Team Leader Garry Rhodes has spoken to Joe’s father, Tom Geeling, and together they are arranging a short ceremony at which the garments can be officially handed over to the team and dedicated to the memory of Joe Geeling.

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