Snowfalls affect the Bolton area

Having missed out on the blizzards that swept the country on Thursday it was our turn this evening with heavy sleet showers during the afternoon giving way to snowfall in the higher parts of Bolton and our moorland areas.

As we expected, at 20:45hrs NWAS (Greater Manchester area) contacted us to go to base standby in case of any assistance required by the ambulance service.

16 team members responded, crewing our 4 vehicles.

During the course of this standby we ended up being called to three seperate incidents, as well as checking out a number of abandoned cars on the local moorland roads in the Rivington and Belmont areas. Please see the news articles for incidents 38, 39 and 40 for more details.

Team vehicle BM3 on the snowy moorland roads of Rivington where a number of cars had been abandoned earlier that evening.