Pastures new accompanied by very kind donation

This evening team member Hayley Mather, who joined the team in July 2005, retired from the team due to an increasingly demanding work commitment in a new job she took on late last year.

Despite only being in the team for the relatively short period of 19 months (and her small size), Hayley made a huge contribution to the team and from joining very quickly established herself as a very popular team member, always willing to help out on all team activities – operational, training and administrative.

This evening Hayley came to the team meeting and presented us with a very kind letter of thanks regarding her time in the team, also enclosing a generous £20 donation to the team funds. All the team members wish Hayley good fortune in her new job, and with any luck when things stabilise a little bit in her employment, we all hope that she will be able to rejoin the team.