Team Leader Garry Rhodes fails in bid for radio stardom

Our Team Leader, Garry Rhodes, who is famous within the Team for not doing early mornings (he goes to work late to avoid the morning rush hour, but then has to finish late!!!), was up bright and breezey this morning at 07.30 Hrs (Yes Garry, there are two 7:30s in the day) to await the arrival of a BBC GMR Outside Radio Broadcast Unit, to broadcast a live interview at 08.30 Hrs on the BBC GMR programme hosted by Terry Christian on the work of Bolton MRT and also picking up the current thread about trying to attract more women into the team’s membership.

All went well, imagine the scene: Garry was stood outside his house with headphones on (so it was an outside broadcast!), it was raining, and the neighbours curtains were twitching to see what Garry was up to. Reporter Jonathon Ali gave the go ahead to start the live link, Terry Christian asked the first question and that was that, as the phone line link at Garrys end back to GMR in Manchester failed. It must be said that Terry Christian and his co-presenter did an excellent job of carrying on with the broadcast about the Team, even though the ’star’ of the piece was not able to transmit anything.

Ah well, stardom beckoned but was whisked away from his grasp, better luck next time Garry.