Incident 46/2007

Early this evening our Team Leader was contacted by NWAS (GMA) Paramedic Emergency Control for any assistance the team could offer as a huge number of calls yet again was causing a peak demand situation on the available resources of the whole ambulance service, with all their available vehicles responding to emergencies.

During the course of the evening our team was able to place 2 Landrovers at the disposal of NWAS (GMA), each with their three man crews. Our two vehicles backed up by our base control in direct liaison with NWAS control responded to 2 code ambers and one code red call in the Bolton area over a 2 hour period, before being stood down as the peak demand situation eased later in the evening.

In these situations our team leader and other duty controllers are in constant direct touch with ambulance control, also it should be noted that all four of our team vehicles are equipped with the same data transmission and navigational systems as are fitted in front-line NWAS (GMA) vehicles.

Thanks from the team to all at NWAS (GMA) PEC for their guidance tonight and to NWAS GMA RV16 for joint working on incident 46.