Visit to base by Wasdale MRT member

Early this afternoon, whilst our Team Leader was still at our base ready to go and join the other team members out on the moors with the potential new members, a visitor called in on spec to our Ladybridge Base / HQ who happened to be passing, “saw the lights on and decided to call in”.

The visitor was John Noake, an experienced member of Wasdale MRT, who mentioned that his wife Susan Noake (nee Sherry) had been a member of the Bolton MRT a very long time ago in the early 1970s.

John spent a short time at our base chatting to Garry, our Team Leader, about all things MR and how the two teams, Wasdale and Bolton, work on different types of operations, all in support and to the benefit of their respective local communities.

John kindly extended an invitation to Garry to call in at their base when he is next in their team area.