Darwen Moorland High School

In November 2006 Team Member, Tony McNally and Peter Lee of Promethean were invited to speak to a group of Y7 IT students from Darwen Moorland High School about the importance of logos and corporate identity.

Peter Lee gave a presentation that clearly illustrated and identifified well known national and international logos and discussed the impact these logos have on us.
The students then heard more specifically about the importance and value the logos have within Bolton Mountain Rescue and mountain rescue nationally.

The students then had a seven week period in which to design and produce a range of products that incoporated their chosen designs to further the image of mountain rescue.

In late January 2007 Tony McNally and Peter Lee were joined by Mrs A Bennett from Blackburn & Darwen Young People’s Services to judge the work of the students.
All groups had to give a five minute powerpoint presentation illustrating their project and the items they had produced incorporating their desgns.
All the work was of a high standrd and the judges were presented with a difficult task of deciding on a winning group.

The judges were presented with specialy designed mugs incorporating the designs produced and a plaque celebrating the wok of IT group 7FTE7 will shortly be presented to the school from Bolton Mountain Rescue Team and Promethean.