Presentation to our top 6 collection box locations

The team relies for a large part on its funding from the income from team collection tins at various locations.

In recognition of those sites that have raised over £100 during 2006, special plaques to commemorate this fact have been made by the team and presented to the following sites:

  • Gordons Service Station, Horwich
  • Jumbles Tea Rooms, Jumbles Reservoir
  • Vaughn’s cafe, Roddlesworth
  • Strawberry Duck Hotel, Entwistle
  • Top Shop, Belmont Road, Bolton
  • Village Green Tea Rooms, Rivington

Pictured here are team members presenting the plaques at Vaughn’s cafe, Roddlesworth and the Jumbles Tea Rooms, at Jumbles Reservoir.

At Vaughn’s tea rooms, Roddlesworth

At Jumbles Tea Rooms, Jumbles Reservoir

The combined income of the above six collecting box sites meant the team was better off by £1,087.99p during 2006, whilst collections across all sites raised a fantastic £3577.08 in the same 12 month period.

Our continued thanks go to all of our collecting box sites for allowing us to place a collecting box there.