News from our man in Oman

Long serving team member Paul Jorgensen has been employed in the ’oil business’ in Oman for a while now, serving working periods in Oman, interspersed with regular trips back home for rest and recreation, (usually he flies home and goes straight onto a call out, no exaggeration ! he even left one search once and flew out within the hour back to Oman !)

He keeps regularly in touch with us, and the following text to our Team Leader from Paul jorgensen came as no great surprise; “So here I am, 200 kms from the nearest town, completely flat desert, one big rig (an oil rig), and guess what, the manager of the rig is on a Scottish MRT, how weird is life !”

We’ll see you back home Paul in around ten days, we’ll get everything ready for the Call Out !