Visit by Bolton Lions Club

This evening three members of Bolton Lions Club visited our Ladybridge Hall Base where they were met by our Life Vice President Tony McNally, for a tour around our base premises.

The visit came about after Tony McNally visited the Bolton Lions Club last August at one of their meetings, to discover that their President Jim Wells had kindly decided upon making the Bolton MRT his Charity of the Year. (Tony duly presented the Bolton Lions Club with a Bolton MRT team plaque in appreciation of this honour)

Making the visit tonight as representatives of Bolton Lions Club were three members including of course Jim Wells, their serving President.
During the visit the Bolton Lions Club members presented Tony (acting on behalf of the Team) with a Bolton Lions Club pennant, which will be dispalyed on the wall of our base, alongside other similar such presentation items. (from the many groups, organisations and societies who visit our base)

At a future date we will present a report on the donation that Bolton Lions Club will be making to the team as their Charity of the Year, it goes without saying of course that all the membership of the team are grateful to Bolton Lions Club for making us their Charity of the Year, and to their President for putting our name forward for this honour.