Incident 57/2007

This weekend, team member Alistair Greenough was staying in the Trough of Bowland, bodying on a training weekend for SARDA(E) (That’s the Search and Rescue Dog Association, England).

As the weekend drew to a close, Alistair was returning to Smelt Mill (the nearby headquarters of Bowland Pennine MRT) and was greeted by members of BPMRT whilst they were preparing equipment for a callout.

It transpired that one of the SARDA dog handlers had injured his ankle whilst on the fell in Langden Valley, and an evacuation was required.

The combined rescue party made their way from a nearby track up to the casualty site and carried the casualty on a stretcher back to the track. The casualty was then taken back to Smelt Mill.

Alongside the 5 members of Bowland Pennine MRT – and Alistair – who were present and involved in the incident, there was also 1 member of Rossendale & Pendle MRT, 3 members of Calder Valley SRT, 1 from Swaledale MRT, 1 from Glossop MRT, 1 from Edale MRT, 1 from the North of Tyne SRT, and 3 other SARDA “dogsbodies” who assisted on this incident – harnessing a very wide range of experience from all over the country!