Start, Stop, Start Exercise

This evening, 35 Team members assembled for our regular usual Wednesday night exercise. The venue this evening was the steep sided, rocky gorge of Cadshaw Brook at the headwaters of the feeder stream following into Turton & Entwistle Reservoir.

The assembled Team members split into 2 parties to search for two missing young women, as part of the exercise scenario.

As sometimes happens and given that we can be called out at anytime, just when all parties had negotiated a steep rocky waterfall, our Team Leader received a direct phone call from a GMP Missing Person Search Manager requesting the Team’s immediate assistance for a search being stepped up in the Altrincham area for a missing man.

At 20:43 Hrs the exercise was immediately abandonded and everyone returned back to the exercise control roadside, negotiating once more the rocky waterfall area, only to reach the road to find out the search was now abandoned, with the missing man having been located.

So it was an about turn (yes you’ve guessed it back to the waterfalls) and a contintuation of the exercise.

These things happen !!

This has not been recorded under our Teams incident figures, nor in our statistics, it is merely here for information, however it would have been a good turnout on our behalf with 35 members available.