Incident 82/2007

At 19:36, NWAS (GMA) paged the team for assistance with a climbing accident at Cadshaw main quarry, situated at the head of Turton & Entwistle Reservoir.

Our first team member arrived at the A666 roadside RVP to guide in an NWAS (LA) crew who arrived at the same time.

By circa 19:55, our member and the ambulance crew were at the scene of the accident, where a 27 year old man in a small group, had apparently fallen 50 feet (15 metres) vertical, from the steep rock face of Cadshaw main quarry onto the ground.

He was treated for major injuries and loaded on scene onto a longboard and then onto a mountain rescue stretcher.

Throughout the rescue the injured man was given painkilling gas.

A ¾ mile stretcher carry in rapidly fading light conditions then took place to the ambulance handover point on the A666 near to its junction with Greens Arms Road.

The stretcher party.

Two responding police cars from Lancashire Constabulary then closed this busy main road at night time, to allow us to safely transfer the seriously injured man into the ambulance, which then took the casualty to Royal Blackburn Hospital.

Handover to waiting NWAS (LL) Crew.

and into the back of the Ambulance for transportation to hospital.

In total, 11 Bolton MRT team members in two landrovers responded, alongside our colleagues from Lancashire Constabulary, and ambulances from NWAS (Greater Manchester Area) and NWAS (Lancashire Area).

This was a very serious incident, which was resolved smoothly and quickly through excellent joint multi-agency working.