John Harold leaves for pastures new

John Harold, a team member since April 2003, left the teams Call Out list membership this evening, due to work commitments with his new job as the Manager of a large Outdoor Retail shop.

John came to the team as an extremeley enthusiastic young man, with considerable outdoor experience as a climber, hill walker and mountaineer. (He follows in his mothers footsteps, she is an experienced Alpine Mountaineer)

Well known within the team as someone who always approached every task with a big smile and a great sense of humour, John rapidly gained a reputation as a good all round Mountain Rescuer. (Although we never got round to letting him get behind the drivers wheel of any of our Landrovers though !)

We all wish John every success with his new job and responsible position, and with any luck when the demads of his job settles down a little more he’ll return to the ranks of the teams Call Out list membership again.