Unveiling of Dedication Plaques at our Ladybridge Hall Base

Today we unveiled four Dedication Plaques at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ, to four people to whom a great many donations have been made to the team in their everlasting memory. All the plaques are to the same design, and state simply “Dedicated to the Memory of”

The four people remembered are;

    • Geoffrey Clarke, the deceased brother of Beryl Hainsby, and brother in law to her husband Jack Hainsby, neighbours to one of our team members. Beryl and Jack donated to the team £5000.00 in the memory of Geoffrey Clarke, which was utilised to build our new Control Trailer and to refurbish our Catering Trailer. Both trailers also carry dedication plaques to Geoffreys memory.
    • Tom Sunter, a local man, who was tragically killed in a Kayaking accident in the Dumfries and Galloway region of South West Scotland, and in whose memory the team received £2,510.00 in donations, enabling us to purchase this year an air inflated shelter tent, dedicated to his memory.
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    • Reverend Michael Robinson, a minister who went missing in North Cheshire in May 2006. The team was called in to search for him and tragically located his body on the second day of our search. To date the team has received donations totalling £3,954.77 in his memory. Please refer to news articles on
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    • Joe Geeling, an 11 year old schoolboy who was reported missing in Bury in March 2006, and became the focus of an intensive search operation involving the team amongst others. Sadly Joes body was discovered the following morning, with his dissappearance becoming the focus of a murder investigation. His immediate family donated £2,000.00 to the team, which was used to purchase 51 pairs of overalls for the team. (see news #article#1524#article dated Tuesday 17th April 2007#)

When we receive visitors to our base, we will be able to bring their attention to these Dedication Plaques, and keep the memory of these four people on going.