Visit to base by NWAS (GMA) Emergency Planning Manager

This evening the team welcomed a visit by Tony Shryane, North West Ambulance Service (Greater Manchester Area) Emergency Planning Manager with responsibilities for the Bolton, Salford and Wigan areas of NWAS (GMA).

Tony visited to specifically talk to our Team Leader, Deputy Leader and Chairman about further liaison developments between our two services and mutual training opportunities, building upon the already excellent relationship both our services now have.

Prior to the ’talking part’ of the full evening visit, team members had prepared a very comprehensive team equipment demonstration for Tony within the courtyard of our Ladybridge Hall HQ / Base. This included a display of the entire contents of our BM2 Landrover Ambulance (one of two identically equipped First Response vehicles), our BM3 Landrover Ambulance (Incident Support Vehicle), with BM4 Landrover Ambulance (Response and Personnel Carrier) and Control Trailer also on full show, along with our Air Shelter portable tent and our Catering Trailer.

Tony was also given a full tour of our base and the facilities we now have at our disposal, including a detailed overview of the mapping systems and radio communications equipment we utilise within the team.

Although very familiar with our operations for NWAS (GMA) and the full support we lend to the Ambulance Service, Tony had never before seen the full range of search and rescue equipment we have within the team, and was very impressed with the comprehensive nature of our equipment and vehicle resources, and given such an insight, commented how we could be further utilised in support of the work of NWAS (GMA) when an emergency incident arises where our skills and resources could complement those of the Ambulance Service.