Incident 86/2007

Whilst providing Standby Rescue Cover on the Belmont Village Winter Hill Fell Race, we were notified of a competitor who had fallen on the course and sustained a serious laceration to his knee, which resulted in the knee cap being visible through the laceration.

The competitor had carried on and completed the course with his injury – he was unhappy about losing two places on the race, rather than the damage he had caused to his knee!! We had a vehicle and personnel at the Start / Finish line and were able to give immediate first aid to the gentleman, including self administered Entonox and attempting to stop the flow of blood from the knee.

Members on scene requested one of our first response Landrovers to transport the gentleman to Chorley A&E, and to also supply more padding for the wound.

Update 8th May 2007 – the casualty kindly left a message on our visitor’s book – click here to read it!