Incident 87/2007

North West Ambulance Service (Lancashire Locality) contacted our Team Leader by mobile phone to request our assistance with an R.T.C. on Hall Barn Drive, Rivington, involving a car and a motorbike.

As our Team Leader was on holiday in sunny North Wales, he then contacted the Team, who were just about to go and do some driver training and area familiarity training, and passed on the details. Three Team Landrover Ambulances immediately deployed from our Ladybridge Hall base.

Helimed 08, the North West Air Ambulance, was also en-route. Our first Team vehicle arrived on scene at 12:32, together with Helimed 08. The other two vehicles arrived within the next minute.

On arriving at the scene, Helimed 08 & ourselves were stood down, as the only injury was a sprained / bruised wrist of the motorcyclist. Also involved were two members of Lancashire Constabulary from Chorley & Wheelton & a NWAS (LL) Ambulance from Chorley.