Incident 88/2007

Five team members this weekend were staying at the Ogwen Valley base of the Ogwen Valley MRT., for a weekend of rock climbing in the Idwal and Tryfan areas, when at the end of the day for four of the five team members, now back at Oggi base, and following a previous call out for the Ogwen team, were on hand when the Ogwen team received news at around 17.30 this evening that a walker had sustained a leg injury in the vicinity of Milestone buttress on the lower slopes of Tryfan.
Ogwen team asked for the assistance of our four members (plus one of their colleagues) and together with two Ogwen members they formed the initial response party.

The male walker involved had sustained a fractured lower leg, and benefitted from the availability of pain killing gas and drugs, following which his injury was splinted.

Along with other Ogwen team members despatched to this incident, the Bolton four assisted with the stretcher evacuation down to the roadside, from where an Ogwen Valley MRT Landrover Ambulance transported the casualty direct to hospital.
(Please refer to the website of the Ogwen Valley MRT for more details on this incident and the Ogwen Valley MRT team)