Visit to Greater Manchester Police Air Support Unit

This evening nine team members, in two of our Landrover Ambulances, made the short journey to the GMP ASU based on the outfield of Barton Airport, Manchester, at the request of the ASU.

Their current helicopter is due for replacement with the latest specification model, and as part of the work to establish the internal fit of the new aircraft, the ASU wanted to determine the sizes of the various casualty bags, long body splints and stretchers we in MRT utilise, and might wish (space permitting) to utilise in the new aircraft, as we sometimes do on the existing helicopter when it is being utilised for casualty evacuation purposes. (A tasking now largely undertaken by the NWAA , nevertheless the ASU wishes to maintain a useful capability)

We demonstrated all the various types of kit we utilise, including our Long board, full length vauum mattress, Bell and Troll Mountain Rescue Stretchers, our basket stretcher, Neil Robertson and MIBS Quick Rescue Stretcher, alongside the various sizes of casualty bags we utilise.

Team members discuss and demonstrate, the Bell MR Stretcher to GMP ASU Observer.

With dimensions and photographs of all the kit taken by the ASU, and the inevitable milling about when they departed for a pursuit operation, the evening ended with a tour around their helicopter for the benefit of three of our new team members who had not worked around the aircraft before.

Many thanks to the Air Observer at the ASU who once he’d taken the dimensions etc., kindly explained the workings of the Unit and the aircraft to our three new members present, and for his interest in the general work of the team.