Marriage of Team Call Out list member Craig Lamb to Team Support Group member Johanne Bentley

It’s been a while since we had an intra team member to member wedding, so congratulations today on the marriage of team member since 1994 Craig Lamb, to team Support Group member Johanne Bentley.

The Wedding Ceremony itself took place at Monton Unitarian Parish Church, with Craig Lamb, his stepson to be Simon Bentley and his Bestman, our very own Team Leader Garry Rhodes, all arriving at the Church in fine MRT style, having travelled together in our Landrover Ambulance BM4, suitably adorned for the day with Wedding Ribbons. (Apparently the driver, or should that be Chauffeur, team member Dave Healey got a strange glance from a passing Police Motorway vehicle on his way to pick up the threesome !)

Mobile 4 awaiting the Bride & Groom

During the Church Service the Homily was given by retired team member, the Reverend Michael Thomason, now a Chaplain in the British Army, who had come over from his current posting in Germany especially for the wedding.

Garry suffers a slight wardrobe malfunction at the church.

At the conclusion of the service, the newly married Craig and Johanne, the brand new Mr and Mrs Lamb, were given a traditional Ice Axe archway to walk through outside the Church, by team members present at the Church Ceremony.

Team Members give the new Mr & Mrs Lamb the Ice Axe archway.

It was then off to the Marriot Hotel at Worsley for the Wedding Dinner and Reception, this time Craig and his bride Johanne travelled to the Hotel in BM4. (How to get a bride with a traditional and very beautiful Wedding Dress into the rear passenger seats of a Landrover,……. you’ve just got to see the Wedding pictures / video !)

’Cut’ yells Stephan Speilbergo, another scene in the can for the video.

At the reception dinner as Bestman, our Team Leader Garry Rhodes was in his element presenting an entertaining Bestmans Speech, he even got to present Johanne with one of his infamous ’Gotchas!’

Garry explains the ’Gotcha’ to the audience, something to do with sex and a helicopter !!!

Unbeknown to Garry, it was decided to have a little competition to time his Bestmans Speech, amongst those guests present, half the proceeds going to the team and half to the winner. Well at 14 minutes 58 seconds ! (with barracking, and much laughter), the winner was announced, (a very close family friend of Craigs) and she kindly donated her winnings back to the team, so in all Garrys Bestman Speech raised £43.00 for the team.

Jo & Craig cut the cake.

The evening reception was enjoyed by all, with many ex team members invited by Craig and Johanne, including Dale and Anne Marie Webb, Peter Idle and his wife Karen, Mike Thomason, Steve Berry, Phil Beswick, Geoff Yates, Mike Williamson and Hayley Mather.

A large contingent was also present from the existing Call Out list membership and Support Group membership, with many joining Craig (Swinton Disco Champion 1976 !) and Johanne on the dance floor to the 80’s disco. (who would have thought team member Alan Livesey would have cut such a fine figure boogeying away on the dance floor !)

Current & Past Team member’s table at the dinner.

Come the morning, there were more than a few thick heads around, what a party !

The whole team wishes Craig and Johannne, the new Mr and Mrs Lamb, a long, happy, healthy and wealthy marriage, enjoy your honeymoon and the break from the team !