Donation of Raffle prizes from Team supporter Susan Rourke

Once again the team is very grateful to team supporter and friend Susan Rourke for the donation of many prizes this evening for use on team events when we hold raffles, principally our Annual Team Celidth and Annual Team Dinner.
Susan has provided prizes now for a good few years, which has contributed to the success and large amount of ticket sales we have at our raffles.

This evening, visiting the home of our Team Leader, (she is a family friend of Garry) she also presented to the team a very large cuddly toy Penquin called Pinga, for use as a raffle prize.

Apparently on recent holiday with her family in Llandudno, she had mentioned to friends of hers in the hotel that she collected items for use as prizes for the team, her friends on hearing the kind way Susan helps the team, immediately donated the Pinga cuddly toy they had won on the beachfront for use as a raffle prize !