Donation from Sue Corsini after running the London Marathon

We are pleased to announce news of a truely fantastic donation rasied by Sue Corsini for the team, who successfully ran in this years London Marathon, with the team as her chosen Charity.

Sue finished the Marathon in a time of 03:38:20, which sounds excellent to us !

Sue in deciding to support the team, describes herself as a member of Darwen Dashers Running Club, and refers to our always helping out by providing standby rescue cover at Darwen Dashers Events, and what a good job we do.

She is also a horse rider who frequently rides out on the moors and states that if she ever had the misfortune to fall off her horse and unfortunately injure herself, she knows the team would quickly and without question come to her rescue.
Sue kindly also went on to comment that she admires our dedication as a totally voluntary organisation.

The total amount raised by Sue and of course her very kind sponsors is £331.50 (Which we believe is to be set against Gift Aid, so the final amount will be larger), which is a marvellous sum of money for the team and quite an achievement for Sue to have raised it in such a hard way by running 25 very long miles.
(Sue has previously raised money for the team, again by competing in the London Marathon a couple of years ago)