Incident 112/2007

In the knowledge that some of our team members were at our Ladybridge Hall base / HQ early this afternoon, NWAS (GMA) Paramedic Emergency Control, contacted our Team Leader requesting any immediate assistance the team could offer due to a large number of ’routine’ 999 calls exceeding their resources available in the Bolton and Wigan area.

Initially one team Landrover Ambulance was available with appropriately trained crew, shortly followed by two other team Landrover Ambulances.

Working directly with NWAS (GMA) PEC, the team responded to three emergency calls, 2x Code Reds and a single Code Green, and found themselves working alongside a NWAS (GMA) Rapid Response Vehicle on one incident and a NWAS (GMA) Emergency Ambulance on another incident.

One casualty from these three responses was taken direct to Hospital in a Team Landrover Ambulance, with another being transported to hospital in a NWAS (GMA) Emergency Ambulance.

These calls yet again illustrate our close working relationship with NWAS (GMA), and whilst not of a mountain search or rescue nature, illustrate how the teams training, capabilities and resources can help our colleagues in the Ambulance Service when the need arises.

More details on each individual call can be found in the incidents section of our website.

During this period of assistance ten team members were available at our Ladybridge Hall base / HQ with all four Team Landrover ambulances available if required.