Liverpool World Firefighter Games 2008, Rivington TriAthlon.

The team has been approached and agreed to help provide Standby Rescue Cover for the run section of the Rivington based Triathlon event of the (Liverpool) World Firefighter Games 2008.

The World Firefighter Games is a biennial competition in which Firefighters and their families from all over the world compete in numerous and varied sporting events.

This is the 10th Games, and previous venues have included Las Vegas, Sydney and Paris.

The 2008 venue from 24th August to 3rd September 2008 is Liverpool, with events taking place in the North West and (for example the Mountain Bike event) North Wales.

The Triathlon event will take place at Rivington on Sunday 31st August 2008, with the run section possibly including a route to the summit of Rivington Pike.
The team is now in liaison with a GMFRS Watch Manager (seconded to Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service for the duration of the Games planning) to suggest and assist with possible routes based upon our expert local knowledge of our team area.

The final route will be selected by the Fire Service in consultation with landowners and farm tenancies.
For the event itself, at present the team has been requested to provide Standby Rescue Cover for the competitors taking part. (a field of 100 to 150 triathletes is expected)

This is a prestigious event which the team is happy to be associated with, as we were with our considerable involvement in the Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games (Rivington based) events.