Visit to Team base by 41st Bolton, Lostock Brownie Unit, followed by surprise donation.

This evening the team played host to 19x Brownies from the 41st Bolton Lostock Brownie Unit, who visited our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ to have a look at what we get up to in the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.

Accompanied by their Leaders, Brown Owl (Karen Bibby), Snowy Owl (Tricia Gulshan) and Robin Owl (Siobhan Gulshan) they were entertained by no less than seven team call out list members, who managed to keep the young girls quiet for all of ……………(well you can guess !)

Seriously the Brownies asked lots of questions and by all accounts had a fun filled (with some facts thrown in) evening, getting hands on with our Search and Rescue equipment, trying on team clothing (you can imagine a four foot nothing young Brownie in a team member sized waterproof jacket and salopettes, topped by a climbing helmet ten sizes too big !) and of course trying out the sirens on one of our Landrover Ambulances. (good job we have understanding neighbours)

All too soon their visit drew to a close, but not before they surprised us with a fantastic donation, which none of the team members present expected at all.
Over the last few weeks knowing they were to visit us, the Brownies at 41st Bolton Lostock Brownie Unit have been busy raising money for us, and tonight we saw their fantastic efforts handed over. At their own suggestion, to raise money for us they have held cake bakes, raffles, games nights and made craftworks which they have then sold, all of these fantastic ways of raising money meant that tonight a wonderful and very gratefully received donation of £151.00 was handed over to us.
Judging by the introductory talk one of our newer team members, Susan Purtill gave to the intrerested Brownies, its just possible we may have some more woman recruits in the not to distant future, such was their interest in the team.

From all the team members, a massive thankyou to all the Leaders and Brownies at 41st Bolton Lostock Brownie Unit, for their tremendous kindness in raising £151.00 for the team.