Donation arising from Incident 124 last year (2006)

Last year we received a call to assist two NWAS ( Lancashire area ) crews at a residential address in Chorley, where a man had collapsed outside his home and the specialist lifting equipment of the team was required to enable the Ambulance crew to get the man into an Ambulance, and thence to hospital for emerency treatment.
Although this was not a Mountain Rescue type of incident it illustrated how our mountain rescue equipment and personnel could bring ready help to somebody needing our help and resources.

On Thursday evening last week, the 12th July, we received an email from the mother of the man involved, asking for contact details of the team, and thanking the team in writing (she had also thanked us and the NWAS Lancashire Ambulance crews involved on the day as well) Her email went on to say “thank you for helping to save my son’s life, he is now out of hospital.

Today we received a very kind £30.00 donation from Mrs Bury of Chorley, the mother of the man involved, with the kind comment attached, “please use this donation as you see fit to help others in need.

We are grateful to Mrs Bury for this very thoughtful gesture, and wish her son all the best in his continuing recovery.