Water safety – Operation “Summer Nights”

Today, members of the team were invited to assist Lancashire Constabulary Neighbourhood Policing Team with an awareness day on Water Safety. In conjunction with United Utilites Ranger Service, the Police gave out leaflets and information highlighting the dangers of using areas of open water for swimming and other unsupervised activities, as part of Lancon’s Operation Summer Nights.

Members of the Team, the Rangers and the Police then carried out a practical session and mock rescue, to emphasise the complications of having to recover a ’casualty’ from open water in potentially dangerous and often tragic circumstances. Team member Ged Clarke and team supporter Peter McKale were also on hand to effect a swift kayak recovery of the ’casualty’ to shore, to be received by team members for onward evacuation.

The exercise casualty is literally dragged back to shory by the kayak team…

… into the waiting arms of more team members who load him onto the stretcher for onward transport.

We would like to thank Sgt. David Brown from Lancashire Police and Countryside Ranger Hazel Gannaway from United Utilites for inviting us to attend, as we embrace every opportunity for multi-agency working to enhance and promote the capabilities of the Team. And a big thanks also to the team members who gave up their afternoon to be present.

The team, Lancashire Consabulary, and United Utilities rangers with the “Summer Nights” leaflets.