Donation from former Team Member Hayley Mather

What a surprise to find in todays post a wonderful donation of £30.00 from former team call out list member Hayley Mather.

Along with her mother, Hayley (’Haylz’) organised a fancy dress ’do’ and held a small raffle with some gym membership and meal vouchers as prizes.

In recognition of ” the outstanding work you do,” Hayley told us in her letter accompanying the donation that along with her mother they decided to donate the £30.00 raised to the team.

A big thanks from all your team mates Hayley and a special request from Garry our Team Leader for a larger photo of you in your St Trinians outfit. (Not to miss out can Neil Aspinall have a copy as well !)

Webmaster – can I sell copies of Hayley in her leathers for Team funds – mint, if you wish and job’s a dream!!